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~~ Free Dental Implant consultation ~~   

$990 Dental Implant**

** for new patients without dental insurance, 

Dental Implant offer includes; Dental Implant and healing abutment
We place implants, We restore implants, and We maintain implants!

Our office is a one stop shop for implant dental services. This is a sharp contrast to many general dentists who refer their implant surgery patients to an entirely different dental office. It is comforting for the patient to know that I perform all surgical implant procedures for the benefit of the patient. 

By being both surgeon and a restorative dentist, many of the problems associated with multiple doctor approach to dental care can be avoided. Patients find it very reassuring to know who exactly is responsible for all aspects of their dental treatment. Additionally, you will have the convenience of having all your work performed at one location, our state of the art dental facility, supported by a highly trained and caring staff. 
*Do not allow a broken or missing tooth to stop you from smiling or preventing you from enjoying you favorite foods. Call Dr. Park at Lake Washington Dental for your free implant consultation today!